Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canon PhotoMarathon 2010 at Penang!

I'm so excited being a Canon user to participate for their 4th photo marathon. And, the best part was, it was it held in Penang! It does a lot of promoting on Penang as a heritage site, moreover, we have a lot of history to speak for Penang.

 Tall people standing infront of me. They don't see me and ocassionally, they would step on me without realising that there is an object infront of them.

Honestl, I'm impressed how organized the event turned out to be. They have printed ample of indemnity forms for us to fill up and had many helpers ready to assist us. Registration was quick and fast, that I didn't remember HAVING the free towel with me :(

My photo walk began with a heavy rain. Got to wait and wait. And here are some random pics..

 Pinang Peranakan Mansion - It's only Rm10 per admission (Church Street)
I tried to capture the sun ,but didn't know how. I guess i got to practice and read more.

 Penang is always with an old man riding a trishaw, with cigarette. :)

 Bon Ton cafe , Stewart lane
Honestly,  if you are  not from Penang, you wouldn't expect to see a cafe at this corner of the street.
 Love lane, where the all the affairs began

Penang Road Bag seller uncle posing very hard for me. I appreciated his help on this.

 And his friend sitting down posing for me too

 It was pouring heavily that I rested at the canon EOS boutique for more than 1 hour.

 Masjid Kapitan Keling - Don't miss this place if you are coming to Penang.
I was bypassing a Prize Giving Ceremony for Quran readers for the children. A lady was kind enough to offer us free sunquick. Couldn't expect more. What a true malaysian spirit.

 Nasi Kandar Beratur - which means you gotta queue up for your favourite Nasi Kandar
 I just love the color of this after a heavy downpour
The end of the event (which ended with a rain)

I did not win anything, but had an experience and a free service on my camera.


danz da man said...

Very nice!

meiyi said...


Passionate Pei said...

it was indeed kinda succesful event; juz that the heavy rains that troubled us..

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, meiyi! :)