Monday, October 18, 2010

Portrait Photo Shooting

I have not really been to a real model shooting event, but it's definitely a lot of 'thinking'.
Few things I learnt from the outing:

1. Don't waste the shutter count - For such case, the person is 'ok' to wait for me to compose before hitting the 'fire' button (unlike events) .
2. Ensure that the model is at a comfortable posture before snapping, and helping her to see if there corrections is required
3. Adjust our settings before asking the model to pose
4. Getting the right theme based on the model's outfit
5. 50mm on a ff is cool, but for a 1000D body like mine, headache, especially if I have to move backwards in the middle of a street.

I think there are more things that I learnt which I have already forgotten.


danz da man said...

wah, who was the model? :P

meiyi said...

pretty ler..
if there is a chance, i will introduce you to her ya?

hey.. when would your baby eva be ready for a photoshoot by moi?

Pei said...

1 more not chop the model's hand..;p

meiyi said...

aww. .sorry that i chopped your hand off in this picture :(
and that's a KEY point!
another friend pointed this to me too!