Thursday, October 28, 2010

Church Visiting: FGA Surrey Hills, Melbourne

It's FGA Surrey Hills.

Since my friend was on duty for the children's church, I was at church very early. In fact, I was wondering around the neighbourhood before stepping into the sanctuary.

I think before the service, the pastor did approached us. I thought it was something sweet and nice that every pastors should greet their first time visitors to show their hospitality.

It's the same like hosting your guests at home. Guests would feel much more welcomed if you host them rather than getting your maid or other appointed hosts to do the job.

And, I think the pianist was really talented. I adore men who could play the keyboard.


crazyyakuzaishi said...

i like men who play the keyboards tooo :) though, then i would feel so small (in skills) standing next to them... :(

meiyi said...

why not stand next to those who cant play the keyboard? then you will feel BIGGER!