Saturday, March 21, 2009

Relay 4 Life - Penang

I still remember vividly that it was 8 March 2008.
It was after our General election and the response was quite poor since the crowd would be too afraid to step out of their house, being afraid of riots after the announcements of the results.

I remembered I met up with my friend at youth park after doing some 'election' work.
It was my first time going for the relay 4 life.

This year would be my second year. The response is definitely way better!

The purpose of the relay is to remind us all that every minute, there are cancer patients fighting for the disease. So, at every moment, there would be someone running on the fields for the relay from evening till the next day.

The only contribution that I gave was purchasing a RM10 coupon for the food fair.
Food was not bad, *honest*. I did not buy their tshirts (this year, they have baby tees), thus I put on my only faded purple tee.
The Wawasan Open University Folks

The line dancers, the cheer leaders and the body combaters (they had zombie track - again)

As they light up around the circle..

Camping for the night!

Rainbow for the day - GOD is reminding us on His Promises


Pei said...

It's meaningful event & looks like u r having fun too..hmmm..if there is next year, i'll join...

meiyi said...

It's a yearly event ler. :)

meiyi said...

I was having fun by myself since Soo Ling is bz with her WOU friends.