Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm officially an A-U-N-T-Y

The many faces of my nephew.
I'm his "Sai-Ku" - Younger aunty.
Gee.. Why am I always the younger one!? Not fair!
He's 2 months old now!


Karen said...

"Ku ku ... ku ku ... pow pow" (hehehe...)


Wan Ying said...

You have been promoted... and older now... haaa

classyadele said...

eh im confused? Who got married in ur family? I know u have an older sis and a bro - not sure if he's younger or older tho...

meiyi said...

my bro got married last year
- only 1 year older than me..
karen's my sis-in-law...

Is it confusing? :P
I think u'd only be confused if my title is "I'm official a mama"