Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Print Your Photos Online!

Thanks to my friend who introducted me to EOE.
Photo printing has made convenient, and cheap too!

Since bloggers always have special priviledge to have free printouts, I'm much more glad to introduce this website here. Current promotion for bloggers:
Do a review on eoe Online and get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints for Free.
Join the Bloggers Review Program - Ultimate now!

To print a 4R sized photo, it costs only RM0.30 each,
while 5R is at RM0.50 each. Promotional is until 31 Mar 09.
Hope the promotion is forever on-going. :)

(in addition.. free delivery for orders above RM35.00)

There are few steps to follow to get your photos printed.
Before anything else, register yourself (valid name and address definitely) in eoe.

1. Choose upload option (simple upload or multiple file uploads) - almost similar to facebook!
(or or.. straight from a photo album, perhaps)
2. Upload photos
3. Select print size and quantity
4. Submit
5. Add to Cart
6. Select payment options (Bank in, Credit card)

And voila! Ta-da!

p/s: Make sure our broadband at home is working fine, as it would take a while to upload the photos if we have a plentiful of high resolutions pictures.
Pp/s: Also, blurry low resolution pictures from handphone cameras wont work too!


myjuek said...

i've uploaded some photos.....
glad to have found a malaysia online photo printing website!
thanks for sharing!!!

meiyi said...

You are welcome.
Blog about it, and you'd get free photo prints!

Roti Janai said...

you are welcome. I sometimes help my colleague to handle the uploads in case they want 12R prints... hehehe