Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day out @ Sandy Bay Paradise, Penang

Go Go Go... Cycle faster..

Run run run..
Run at the treadmill..
it was getting faster.
faster and faster...
until... Oopsiee.
E22 -->> ERROR!
Darn! I had not even started sweating...
The gym is a no-no. Quite run-down already.

Perhaps I should swim instead.
It was a little challenge for me on the other side since I couldn't put my feet on the ground; yes, i had to learn to float.

And after 7pm-ish.....
Took some pictures by the beach...
So obvious that I needed to go more workout.

But why a buffet dinner?

The Delifrance ala-carte definitely tasted way better than the limited buffet spread they have.
Since it was an all-paid complimentary vouchers, why not?

Honestly, if it's not for free, i wouldn't pay for this RM48 Buffet dinner.
I would consider that the service provided by the foreign immigrants is not too bad, but then again, like I said, the choices is way too limited.

Thanks gurls for the day... :)


danz da man said...

what was the special occasion? looked fun!

meiyi said...

tarak occasion..
it's my weekend routine to work out and burn those stubborn fats!

Pei said... the end...there goes our effort of work out after eating those buffet dinner.. ;p
however,we really had lotsa fun ya..:)
Shall we go again, swimming buffet after that..;)