Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hatyai's Damier Canvas-alike

I can't believe my mom...
She actually knew LV's stuff.
I was shocked when I saw this copy version in my house.
I asked if she knew what it was, and she said ya, she had friends who have some of that sort that costs hundreds or thousands.

And the one we have at home is Hatyai's version - only 200BAHT!!???
MY mom is the 'real' bargainer.

- disbelief meimeizoe -


myjuek said...

I've been hunting for a suitable handbag since before CNY.. maybe I should go Hattyai to buy!!!

meiyi said...

Hm... If you don't mind if it's not a branded stuff, else you could go KL, they have plentiful!

Pei said...

u shud learn from your mum leh..she seems more updated than u..i like this design..

meiyi said...

my mom is updated!??? muahaha..
i didn't post her the other 2 aunty shoes she bought nia. .:)