Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things to do before you turn 30

I sought many for their valuable opinion.
Some were going against it, where else others were supporting the idea.

I thought about it.
I might as well do it before I look like a grandma.

Since I was forced to take leaves during company shutdown, so I might as well do something different.
I came out like a poodle after many hours of sitting down in a hair saloon.

And, I have not highlighted my hair!

P/S: sorry for the sleepy look. i'm about to go to sleep with my baju tidur.


Simply Simply said...

Hey ur new hair style is nice, where did u do and what is this style called? maybe shall try this style next time.....

meiyi said...

heya.. i did it near my house at one of the hair saloons in gembira parade.
i just told the hair dresser i wanted to perm my hair.
it's digital perm -> medium curl i guess (depending how big or small u want your curls)

crazyyakuzaishi said...

eh go high light la.. ahahah :) i need to start thinking of my list of to do things before 30.. i don't have much time o.. :(

meiyi said...

yes.. i'm going highlight it next sat or something..

and.. i think it's too late to start thinking your to-do list, because you are already 30 NOW!

(oopss.. i dont mean to reveal your age here. )

Pei said...

You look different & it's nice...worth to try out this hairstyle..:)

Josi3 said...

yeah.. it s kewl hairdo! NExt yr try the pixie hair cut.. (if u are darin enuff)

crazyyakuzaishi said...

eh..i not yet 30 ok.. few more days..few more days.. HAHAHAHA...