Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gem Of Life

(image courtesy from wikipedia)

It's a real long series to follow till Feb, 2009.
It's a movie between the rich and famous and those wanting to be rich and famous.
It's a movie filled with materialism in a heartless and crude world.
Sometimes, I get disturbed with the REALITY that is portrayed in the series.

Yet, i still want to know, if in real life, is there a good ending in one's life who has done so much mistakes/wrong-doings in the past.
Terrence - will this playboy eventually be a good husband and son?
Constance - would this 'love-is-everything' woman realise that there are more things to do in life besides LOVE?
Jessica - could she be less-materialistic?
Sylvia - would she let go of her career and pursue other things in life such as love and relationship with her family?
Elise - can she grow up and stop becoming a spoilt brat?
Calvin - he's a truly nice person (who had a sad childhood), but how successful would his life be?

so much questions.... and i hope the ending is a good one... ;)


Anonymous said...

If u r disturbed, don't watch. Don't watch shows that are not beneficial.

meiyi said...

but i want to know the ending ma!

FLing said...

Aiseh..i have said this trillion times..there's no Happy Ending in life one k...for all life is suppose to suffer..~ Get it..? Now if only i could go and sit under some ABC tree...~