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Looking for Part-Time Job

During this economy downturn, I thought it'd be cool to work part-time just to earn that extra bucks. The easiest job would be a promoter/salesgirl. Since I'm always forced to take leaves, might as well earn that RM50 to pay for my favourite food.

It's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfortunate that there is an age limit!!!
only up to 28 year olds?

But then, I do see lots of aunties giving brochures (especially hair salons) at Prangin mall.
And, they were really very persistent people!!!

Photo some more?
Should I photoshop my pic first?


JulieTan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
JulieTan said…
wahahahaha... age discrimination. they'd rather hire those promoter "girl" who knows nothing about computer than a brainy at the age of 30. no wonder everytime i pose questions to those promoter "girls"... i get the "blank" look on their faces!!!
meiyi said…
That's why..
They only want pretty looks!

SO discriminating..
VFling said…
Ya..the not so pretty one will claim it as being sexist, discriminating, unfair, blame God etc...while the prettier one will shrug and say, better face next life... Bwaa..kakaaa..!!

But then camon, think of the customer's end lar k....if those chicks arent pretty, high potential they might scare off those customers one k..not to mention lawsuits if a hideous promoter scared a customer to death.. then how..? U pay them legal fees ar..?
meiyi said…
i'm talking about those brainless women with boobs and looks la

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