Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coffee Island, Gurney Penang

As we were driving along Gurney Drive to look for a place to hangout, we noticed a new place Coffee Island, Gurney Penang. Since it was flooded with people, we decided to park our cars and try the place.

It was definitely a crowded place outsideand we were well ushered by one of the waiters.
He even recommended us to sit in the aircon area which is inside.

The food was fusion, a little here and there, chinese, vietnamese, hawkers, western, something like Old Town kopitiam, Island Red cafe or somewhere along that line, which suits Malaysians, being rojak.

I would like to write my feedback to the owner, but there wasn't any feedback form to fill up.
I even asked the waiter which one is their boss, but the boss was too busy.

I hope one day, the owner of Coffee Island, Mr George would read this. :)

Dear Mr George,

Congratulations for the successful opening of your cafe.
It was a nice hangout place, with nice ambience, music and most importantly the food.

I'm sure it has been many busy days for you since the opening of your cafe.
I guess, you would be too busy to notice how your staffs worked.

I love this place so much that I wish it will not be closed down due to the poor service that I experienced, and I hope other customers are not as unlucky as I am. I wanted to approach you on Saturday (20-Dec), 11.30pm but you were, of course, too busy serving food to customers outside.

Let me share with you the experience I had with your staff.
I ordered Ice cream toast (maybe the margin for this is low, that they decided that it's not worth making business from me) with the order time 10.41pm and it never came at 11.10pm.
I asked the waiter, and he just took my order paper away and then came back with it later.
Again, I told another person, she did the same!!!
I was puzzled.
I'm just wondering if they could use their mouths to speak or they ate up my ice cream toast?

I overheard that the ice cream toast has been served among the three waitresses.
Wow. Someone ate my food!!

I waited for another 10 mins and decided to cancel the order.
(come on, if your food never came after 30 mins, you think you still want to wait?)
The waitress again, took my order paper and came back with her mouth sealed.
Maybe she ate someone else's ice cream toast.
She must be an ice-cream toastaholic.

Then, we paid at the cashier.
I told the cashier the same thing.
I told her I wanted to complain.
She ignored me!

I always thought customers are always first??
At that moment, I felt as if I was invisible.

The bill came, she told her the amount without showing us the receipt?
What the?
First, they took our orders without confirming our orders.
Later, they asked us for our $$ without confirming what we are paying for.

I'm truly dissapointed with the attitude of your staff.
I hope that they are not giving you problem at work.
Wish you luck.

I will defintely visit your place again during off-peak hours.

Yours sincerely,
- a loyal, invisible customer -


VampireM said...

thanks for the heads-up, like dat kinda biznes shudnt be let around for long without word spreading around

meiyi said...

aiyo.. the place is nice la.
just that it's new, some of their staffs have tidak-apa attitude. :)

They have not gone thru customer service training before. That's why.

It's a waste if it closes down because of the service given by the staff.

JulieTan said...

wait!!! did you pay for the ice cream toast?!!?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I made sure I didn't pay for that! I requested for the bill before paying! The staff forgot to bring their eyes to work. I kinda like that place too :(

meiyi said...

I told the cashier, "i want to complain the service".
She ignored me..
I felt like so invisble.

She asked for $$ .
She didnt' show us the bill.
We asked.
So, we saw the bill without the ice cream toast.

I'm missing the ice cream toast.

The next day, we went Kim Gary, QBM, for french toast.

I LOVEd THE Service given at Kim Gary.
The difference was like Heaven and Hell.
very huge difference!

VFling said...

Ahh..i have always love Kim Gary's service..the one in Gurney i meant. Went there a dozen times and everytime, i would request tables that's not directly at the gaze of those waiting in queue for one. Coz it's kinda uncomfy while ur having ur meals with few sets of eyes staring at wat you're eating, the way you chew your food, how u pick up those noodles and the way u slurp on your soup. And amazingly, all of the waiter/ress (especially Kate) would see to my demand and have a table that's further away from the queue for us. Fuhh...such service, no wonder i went 1~2 per week. i broke...