Monday, December 01, 2008

511 Tactical Boots

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Most of the ladies wear boots during winter or at cool places, but there are some who needs to get them due to their job nature. Whether you are fireman, policeman or in the army, a pair of boots is a must-have thing in your cupboards.

At work boots usa, you could get high-quality boots (and you call them 511 Tactical Boots) especially if you are in the police force or army. Or, perhaps, if you are into construction, you could get boots that will keep your toes safe from falling objects.

These boots are proven to have functions like other sport shoes. You won't even realise that you are actually wearing boots. You would actually thought that you are wearing a pair of sport shoes. Yes, it's as comfortable and light as one. It does not give a heavy-like feeling like the old conventional boots.

So, even if you are not into police forces, you could get one for the convenience of your household chores. At least, while doing some gardening, plumbing or even doing a little patching or drilling at home, our feet and toes are more or less protected by the boots. Safety comes first and that starts from home.

Some promotions available from the link 5.11 Boots.
It is selling about $10-$20 lesser than the retail price.
Sizes range from 4-15.
They have few varieties of brown and black colored ones.

What's so good about it now?
It comes with free socks!
They should give good quality, thick socks, I bet.

There are also other features such as water proof, anti-baterial lining, anti-static, oil and slip resistant, shock mitigation system, leathered, cushioning, hidden pocket, side zip, and etc.

Why wait, just click on the link 5.11 Boots and start purchasing them!

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VFling said...

Wahh..this 511 u also know ar..steady lar..!! Not many people know what does 511 stands for except for those military and law enforcement related ppl know only.. Sipek famous in the States....! Respek..respek..!