Saturday, December 13, 2008

Island Red Cafe, Krystal Point

It was monthly birthday celebration.
Since I've not been there, so might as well give this place a try.

The interior is nice, but the place is not very well maintained.
The dustbin was opened attracting lots of flies around our tables.
The couch turned a little dirty.
Maybe they should have more workers cleaning up the place.

I had some Mushroom sauce grilled chicken.
I was quite dissapointed since it was over-cooked.
The Ice-blended coffee was also so-so only (for the price I'm paying).

One of the person in charge who happens to know my friend is pretty friendly; service was good.. but but.. this is food industry, we still want good, reasonable food to makan.

The thing that I'm particular about is the cheap chilli/ketchup that they were using.
I prefer Heinz or Kimball.. perhaps Maggi would do as well..


Anonymous said...

Wei, Maggi is not cheap ok? They got the cheap ones with huge packing.

meiyi said...

wei, their food not cheap ok?