Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Gem Of Life - At episode 75

I think this movie is getting a little crazy.
The storyline is a little crazy.
Now, i think i have some of my answers i had in my previous episodes.

Terrence - will this playboy eventually be a good husband and son?
YES.. he's definitely a better person

Constance - would this 'love-is-everything' woman realise that there are more things to do in life besides LOVE?
She sux big time now.
She thinks she's some DIVA or something after her Tibet trip.
Damn perasan case.

Jessica - could she be less-materialistic?
Oh well. she realised that she lives in a big empty shell now.
Soon, she will regret all her life..

Sylvia - would she let go of her career and pursue other things in life such as love and relationship with her family?
Yes yes.. after she was betrayed by her sis and realised that she should pursue love.
But why not relationship with her family?

Elise - can she grow up and stop becoming a spoilt brat?
Yes, she grew up!

Calvin - he's a truly nice person (who had a sad childhood), but how successful would his life be?
NOW.. still unknown

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