Monday, February 09, 2009

m888a Mini Iphone

It's only HKD650 now.
I doubt the phone would last, but for the fun of it..... hm..


Simply Simply said...

You are going to HK?

Pei said...

Hey, if you find this in HK..I think u shud buy it..I guess the quality is good..

meiyi said...

china quality would not be good le. :(

VFling said...

ur wrong mei yi...we are all china product...that s why got Mr.Ma ask us back Tongshan.. and see what happen to us china products..? we are spread out all over the world from iceland to ireland and more.. :P

JulieTan said...

we are made in malaysia!!!!

anyway MY.... BUY IT!!!! mmm.... u need to crack it when u come back :p