Saturday, February 28, 2009

Perhaps Coach is like any other local brands....

I used to think that coach bags are high-end stuff that I'd not possibly afford to get them.
After visiting HK, i realised that the cheapest wristlet was about HKD550. I was really tempted to finish of my 2nd last HKD500 note.
Anyhow, I hesitated.
And now, I found out that in US, the similar Penelope signature Wristlet model is selling only $48.
Can i have this please?
At least I can use this when i'm going out for lunch.


danz da man said...

So that's what you'll be asking me to get you?

meiyi said...

no la.. tat's the cheapest among all items from

ericyoong said...

meimei .. of course you can one of this Coach bag.