Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Gem Of Life - Again.. my ramblings

Life is just very complicated and men have made it even more complicated.
As we get older, the tougher we have to deal with situations and people, and we got to learn to be TOUGH, and very often, I FAILED (!!)to be A TOUGH woman.
There is this soft spot in my heart that I tend to easily believe people, easily trust people, and of course, get easily hurt.

Now, that I would think life is hopeless..
1. No Job - would be out of job soon
2. No friends - True friends are getting lesser. As I start counting my fingers, I have started to think if I have any soul mates.
3. No money - Due to my excessive spending behaviour in Dec/Jan. I got a shock of my life that my credit card bill was RM 2.4k++.
And, I'm taking "Shutdown Unpaid Leave" for the next coming month.
4. No goals in life - I don't know what to do.
Should I study?
Should I continue to work in factories?
Should I just get out of everything?
5. Not being able to find God's purpose in me.
I kept on serving God, till I'm tired and stressed out.
Because I'm often reminded that God has my rewards up in heaven.
I'm doing things blindly, serving not knowing what my returns are.
6. Relationships? FORGET it...
I begin to start having the thoughts that most MEN sucks.
(and women too)
(and it contradicts with my previous post.. oh ya... wat to do!!!!!!!!)

Yes... God brings hope.
An assurance to EVERYONE, despite the bad economic situation, causing financial crisis, broken relationships or whatever other reasons (*update), God has something installed for us.
I dont' know what.
I need to find out.
I have not much strength to find out.

How is this linked to The Gem of Life?
Obviously, the ending is obvious. (yes, damn obvious)
Being evil will not lead you anywhere in life.
But, staying righteous will leave you satisfaction in life.

Probably, they miss out the point that we all need Jesus in our lives.
So, stop envying other people's life and do not covet.
God is always fair.

I must tell myself..
GET on with life..
Get on with life.....
the rest too... get on with your life too!


ww said...

shutdown unpaid leave confirmed?
will pray for your job situation

will pray that no matter what the situation, He will give you a renewed Hope, Peace, Joy and Security in Him

meiyi said...

thx ww.
shutdown unpaid implemented long ago.
just that i still had my 'saved' annual leaves to cover initially.

John said...

go look for new job la ..... man not all bad ok!

Vanity Fling said...

You're facing what many would coin as Mid Life Crisis...Quater Life Crisis if it would make u feel better (read younger)...~

Anyway, as i have said trillion times, God has left this world sipek long time ago stop relying on God..believing in Him is one thing, expecting Him to show u the correct path is another...

Don't believe me that God has left this world..? Go ask your Aussie friend(s) that has relatives/friends that was burned to their death inside the car while trying to run away from the bush fire and u will understand...~

meiyi said...

aiyoh.. why suddenly talk about Victoria?
Sigh, you can continue on about our Country's political instability as well..
and how many companies turned bankrupt

Anonymous said...

even tho i have backslided ... i would want to say something here. GOD is here. HE works in HIS own ways. non-believer VFling... STOP TRASHING GOD!!!! Even if you do not believe... you are indeed a jerk to disrespect God.