Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Standing at a crossroad

I am looking left and looking right.
Either left and right would be a tough journey.

Finally, the Managing Director of my company has announced to offer VSS package this week to make up with the workforce reduction of 50% overall.
Back at the headquarters, people are being laid off with immediate termination notice.

Now, I'm considering.
Should I or should I not?
If yes, how should I proceed?
If no, is there anything else I could contribute?

I really hated HR's decision on waiving the Advanced Annual Leaves for those who are taking the package. How about those who took unpaid, who has once helped the company for more cash flows? Would I still in favour in the way the management manages the company?


ww said...

so... are you taking up the VSS package? given until when to decide?

meiyi said...

No. After much consideration, I won't take a dagger and stab on myself, as much as I'm in control of the situation

If I've been killed, I've nothing to say.