Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have I done something wrong?

Since Feb, I have been giving out free English lessons to the foreigners.
Initially, I was a little nervous about it, since I have no idea how would it be like teaching people who can't speak the same language as I do.
Imagine chicken-and-duck-talking.

Somewhere along the line, the classes went on great and I received good feedback from the person in charge.
However, there was a missing student.
One day, she was frustrated and threw her temper.
I was more than SHOCKED.
What happened?
Have I been too persistent in correcting her pronounciation?
Was she feeling pissed with the accuracy I demanded from her? Or she was feeling a little insecure and esteemed about herself?
I felt for her.
She's married, yet away from her family who is far away.

From then, I knew teaching is not about delivering facts, but it's about opening our hearts to the students. I wish they could see the willingless of me teaching them.
I learnt that the more we teach (bless), the more we would be blessed.

Since two weeks ago, the # of students in both my sis and my group has dropped tremendously as some were sent back to their country.
I hope they bring back the lesson we have thought them... because, Jesus loves them.

Yet, I couldn't deny that I was able to go a little faster, as my students are able to focus more.
I think I need another 2 more lessons and I'm done!

What happen next?
I need to pray and think about it.

Could I make a difference in their lives, and leave a STRONG MARK in their lives?

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