Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Macaroni Story

Since I had the remainings of the extra macaronies that I boiled, I tried something funny, mixing butter, salt, cheese and frozen corn as my lunch meal.

I still think it's good.
Gonna start a new packet of pasta this week!


yileen said...

Hey hey meiyi!! Looks yum!! Should add some mince pork! GREAT STUFF! Creative bunny at work once again! XD

Karen said...

Looks better this time. ^.^

Simple yet looks appetizing. I am hungry looking at it. Means ada effect this time.. hehe.

mei yi said...

minced pork? very lazy to cook them! i'm a very lazy person.. ok dokie, will learn to be more hardworking.

karen.. i think the other pic was not a good shot, this pic is clearer perhaps. (thats the reason y it looked more appetizing)