Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gym freak CANT cope with LIFE with SUDDEN INCREASE of petrol price

I left the office at 6.45pm. I reached home at 7.40pm.
My friend is still stuck in the jam for 2 hours.
With the sudden jerk of petrol price, the consumers made the condition first by queueing up on endless queues in all PETROL STATIONS NATIONWIDE.
I'm so pissed with the attitude.
Even if the change would cost Rm30 (It's only a few meals.), they caused massive HUGE jam.
People were stuck for 2 hours unnecesarily.
We got to learn to overcome this in a long run.
We need to re-plan our finances.
On desperate case, I dont mind car pool with 2 other ppl in the office.
Right now, I'm car pooling with 1 person.
Now, to decrease my expenses on petrol, I need to find ways to cut further more.
I used to need approx RM3.50 to work, now it's RM5.
Rm5x22 working days = Rm110.
+ driving out for lunches = RM3x10 = Rm30?
Church, activities, entertainment on any other days = Rm100?
Not only that, as long as my pay is not increasing much (less than 5%... )
this is just another sign of INFLATION and bad economy.
our resources is running out.
and WHY is DUBAI wasting so much $$ ?

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Shirokishi said...

Dubai is one of those countries with the social mentality of "I do it BECAUSE I can". Perhaps a fraction of them have more common sense, but then again, the government encourages this behavior by paying it's citizens who aren't working.

The hike in fuel price is ridiculous in both execution and the reasons behind it. Raise the fuel price, provide a rebate later? Damn it, we need the rebate now!!

Current State of Affairs in Malaysia is steadily spiraling on a downward trend, thanks to the inefficient stewardship of Malaysia by the existing government. Bet the PM failed his Economics and Social Studies classes in school..