Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: 27 Dresses

It's one of those chic movies that I like.
Romantic comedy.
This movie applies to me as I just became a bridesmaid last week! Lolz.
Even though it's a 'predicted' movie, I cried and laughed.
I just liked the way the love story goes, even if it's the same OLD story that is being told.
The saddest moment
1. When she found out that the article about her being released in the New York Journal --> CHEATED by the journalist badly
2. When her sis (Tess) cut her mom's wedding dress
3. When she gave an 'evil' slide presentation during her sister's pre-wedding dinner
1. As she walked down the aisle, with the man who has been waiting for her giving her that SMILE.
2. He said sorry to her and gave her a PDA as a gift
3. She keeps his articles and adores his articles so much.
I cant' remember much.... now....

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