Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lowest point about GYM

It was a great experience in Celebrity fitness.
I encountered a big sized girl blocking my mirror view the whole of latin class.. I was still alright, because i enjoyed the instructor's class very much.

I encountered 2 nasty men who are always kicking so hard at combat, but I was lucky to have a friend who wouldn't care less about them. The consolation is, they were warned by instructors before not to use up so much of the area provoking other gym users.

I had even encountered a girl who stepped on my feet while doing the lunges for pump, and a sweaty guy who had accidentally knock on me while trying to squeeze thru the crowd taking the mat during combat. I still felt OK.

And the stupidest thing happens in my own company.
I was waiting for the treadmill for at least 20 mins.
I finally waited for my turn.
My friend came down.
And he conveniently WENT UP!!!
And worst part is, he is a senior manager, who would be acting MD during MD's absence.

I honestly couldn't take it.
He had earned so much $$ . He can afford a gym outside anytime.
Why snatch a turn from his employees?
Moreover, I waited right beside the machine.
He was on elliptical trainer. I was waiting patiently.
And... he CLIMBED on it ignoring my presence.

Sad to say, it's really DIFFICULT to deal with such people.


Simply Simply said...

Sabar.....proved that you're success with your gym!! You are so small that he couldn't even notice your presence, heehheehheeheh

mei yi said...

yeah rite
he delibertely
my voice was loud k