Sunday, October 18, 2009

Esplanade In Action

I used to receive email alerts from Visit Penang Portal on the happenings around Penang.
Since it's a long deepavali weekend, I decided to practise my skills at Esplanade.
Esplanade in Action is an event that would happen every saturday 8pm-10pm at Esplanade.

The night started with the performance by PESSBAND.

This lady sure sings well..

What interests me was the performance by Penang Players.
The facilitator was Ulrich Gottlieb and Penang had a chance to explore MIME with him that weekend (17 Oct 2009).

Capturing their facial expressions is really fun!
And also the audience.

It's my first time trying to capture night shots and am glad that my camera didn't fail me.

I even had an accidental panning shot.

Isn't our MPPP building pretty?


Nitin said...

it all looks soo interesting , especially PESSBAND. saw this video of em on youtube. That play thing looks nice. very interesting to say the least. so you've been having a lot and lot of fun.. i loved the pan shot.. looked straight out of a photography mag.. loved it. what to say.. the place looks really lit up.. totally beaaautiful. loved it.

oh chin eng said...

ho ho ho! i see my face i see my face. im the one in trance for the thaipusam part? can i have the photos? or can you post more photos? email ur reply to tq! btw nice photos of me. haha.

meiyi said...

nitin: thanks !! :)
chin eng: happy birthday and check your inbox!

oh chin eng said...

tq. n i checked d. i din receive anything from you yet. heheh. i wonder do you post it on FB.

Pei said...

congrats, u got ur 1st panning shots.!!wat is the setting u took for this shot?

meiyi said...

pei: it's an unintentional one as I was waiting to cross the road..
f- 5.6, ISO -800, 1/13