Monday, October 19, 2009

Small creatures but diligent at work..

No idea why the ants were crawling around...
but this reminds me a song I sang in primary school that although ants may be tiny, they are the most hardworking creatures on earth.

It goes like this ( I found it in google from someone's blog):

Tubuhnya yang kecil,
Badan berkerat tiga,
Ada enam kaki,
sesungut di kepala,

Ada yang melata dan terbang di udara,
Berbagai bentuknya, berbagai warnanya...

Serangga yang halus sangat rajin bekerja,
Tak kira siang malam.
Tekun dan usaha, dua sifat mulia,
Marilah kita amalkannya..

I was fascinated with the macro lens on Nikon D80.


New Kid on the Blog said...

new SLR?

meiyi said...

Yups, just bought it two weekends ago.

I took the picture of the ants from my canon 1000d but the d80 does not belong to me :)

Nitin said...

d89 looks niccccccccce!!

meiyi said...

nitin: d80.

Pei said...

cool, nice shot on the hike let me knw, i wanna go too..:)