Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crazy about it...

I've been really crazy about photography, although I'm still lacking a lot in the skills.
I know I looked weird when i try to look thru the camera hole, trying to close one eye with my 'senget' mouth but it's my signature facial expression :P

Two nights ago, after viewing pictures of skies with polarized filters/better lenses, I dreamt of myself by the sea witnessing the magnificent moment of God's creation.

I was at a window and as I walked out from the building, there was a platform where I could face the sea. I remembered white structures where there would be restaurants by the sea like this.

(Edits: downloaded this picture randomly from here)

The sky was colorful with different hue that my eyes could not remember but it looked something liked this.
Totally excited and quickly rushed back to the building to grab my camera to capture the moment.

(Edits: downloaded this picture randomly from here)


Yien said...

You took the 2 pics? Pretty:)

meiyi said...

huh... nopessssssssssssssss
i got it from the link as given..
like i say. i don't have those polarized filters and i only have kit lens

Pei said...

a really sweet sweet dream...nice panaroma..:)