Monday, October 19, 2009

Bukit Hijau Waterfall

It's been many many years since I last visited Bukit Hijau, Kulim, Kedah.

I hope to learn to capture waterfalls.
I guess I still more practices.

Silly I was... standing right infront of the waterfall, having the winds and splashes of water all over me. Little I notice that my camera was all wet (including the lens filter).
No wonder all the pictures taken were blurry.

Now I know, never face your camera against the water and remember to bring the cloth to wipe it dry in case of water marks.

Slowing down the shutter speed made as if the kids were playing on ice instead of water.
That reminds me of breath mints advertisements!

I try to take dots of waters but failed :P

Greeneries in Bukit Hijau (Green Hill?) - haha.

We were also warned by locals not to swim at dangerous areas.

I tried doing self-shot and it works!
With the weight of only ~500g, I find it easy to hold.
Now I need to try to understand to get a clear background like how point and shoot cameras do.


Nitin said...

awsome place.. and nice pics.. especially the ones with those kids in it at lower shutter speeds. that was awsome!

meiyi said...

thanks nitin :)

JACT said...

very nice la ur photos... :D
good job :D
btw how many shots you have taken? killed alot of memory? :D

meiyi said...

hey Tim, thanks.. but not many shots actually.....

Pei said...

nice shots of the fountains... :)