Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bad Afternoon

I think I have not bee napping during the afternoons, and i think I can't nap anymore in the afternoons.
I still have weird, bad dreams.

I remembered my workstation was elevated up on a hill-like area and there were empty spaces on the ground. There were plentiful of bananas and i decided to stuck plucking and plucking.
and somewhat, there were rubbers/extracts that got stuck to my hair and my teeth and my chin and also my NECK!! WHAT'S happening?

Then, i managed to pull through all the sticky stuff and turned into chewing gum.
How gross.
And, I had to do some 'last minute' work for my boss; Sort of like, providing the original data vs the changed data.

And to my horror, a friend started to ignore me and I ignored back.
And the day continued with canceled pingpong tournament (supposed to be on next Monday).

And.. i was at the beach, and there were some kind of kuanyin statue stacking competition..
and it all happened in the day..

And i dont' know how to PHRASE my dreams any better.

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