Saturday, May 03, 2008

10-day Trial at Clark Hatch, Dato Kramat

The club is pretty much small, yet, it's still equipped with shower, toilet, steam bath and lockers.
There are not much machines for weights.
Perhaps, they focus more on cardio machines.

However, i really hate rude people in the gym.
I hate ppl who invade my space and block my mirror space.
Just because i don't know how to dance, they just shouldn't invade ppl's space!

The classes aren't that effective or solid like .
Anyway, i shall give it a try and see how it works for me.
The advantage is .. it's cheap and parking is free!


Anonymous said...

hi there, was browsing for a gym review in penang when I bumped into your blog. How's the personal trainer at Clark Hatch? Waz the charges? Have u been to other gym studio as well?

mei yi said...

hey, i couldn't see ur email thus i couldn't send an email to you personally.

i've seen ppl going for the personal training, some guys have nice mature muscles.
the rates for first timer (2-4 hours in total i think) is quite reasonable. then, from then you can decide if you wanna continue to buy more sessions.

but, for me, i'm not quite interested in personal training, yet. :D