Sunday, March 09, 2008

Penang - Political Tsunami

I stayed up till 3am for the results.
I waited for the leaders to be on the screen/tv to have their say.
Well, they have nothing much left to say.
There is nothing to comment about over the big loss that they faced.

On the other hand, Penang would be ruled by the opposition party.
It's a big change for Penang - for good and for bad, I really don't know.
Ever since 1969, we have been ruled by the government and right now, we are seeing a change.
We may even experience the big hurdles in Penang right now.

We are now ruled by the Lim family.

Today at church, pastor prayed for the nation, especially for smooth transition over the new government. As christians, we got to submit to the authority because they are God-appointed authorities. And no matter what happens, our sovereign God is always in control.
I pray that the christian politicians will make a change for us, and let not dirty politics make them sway away from God.

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