Sunday, October 07, 2007

Youth Park Hike..

Chik Chiak! Nice roots huh!?
Can we take some and cook... it's nutritious..

Soo Ling waiting for the rain to stop for No. 5...

"when will the rain stop.... :(((("
Resting ... :D
Im obviously tired and sweaty at no. 3

Rain or shine.. I will not stop!.. I have umbrellas!!

Wei.. u got umbrellas. I've got rain coats!

wah.. so lomantik.. i damn jeles.
No umbrellas, no raincoats..

Just a loving hand holding on my waist..

Yay.. we reached in 9 mins!
Me sweaty again. :(
but very nice view ler..

I liked the no. 5 coffee.. (kopi-O).. Cheers!
Yummmmmm Sengg!

Yes.. the fried mihun tasted much better than no. 3 as well.
No. 3 tasted like rubberband.
As for No. 5, you can even sell it! It's soft and it has cabbage in it. Better still, for chilly lovers, they have cabai burung just for them!

It's really good char mihun with a nice cuppa kopi-O.
Better still, it's all FOC.

I need to compare no.3 and no. 5 again. No. 3 will have a box for donations for the supply where else No. 5 do not have any boxes. According to the uncle, they brought the food at their own will and didn't want the donation boxes as there might be arguments of who and who taking the $$.


Karen said...

wah.. really good shots leh.. got with payung, with raincoat, and nothing but a good bf/hubby. But the best is the way you write it. hehehe...

You make me hungry lah, with the nice char mihun ... it's nearly my bedtime ler. =P But coffee has no effect on me. I can still sleep ... kekeke...

mei yi said...

next time we hike together lar.. i take u and my bro instead. hiaakakakaka

Dragon said...

soooooooo many activities huh.....

mei yi said...

where got many? :(

Oracle loves Linux said...

i think now i hike to #3 i will vomit oso...sigh..

mei yi said...

nvm.. drink kopi-O liao.. u'd b at good shape again