Thursday, October 11, 2007

Accident at Gambir..

I was driving after work at about 7.40pm... as I was about to turn in to Petronas after Gambir Heights, the car infront of me had a sudden brake.

I was caught with surprise as it was a straight road after the traffic lights at Ivory not too long.
Thank God that I brake earlier and the car behind me was further away from me.
I put on my indicator to the left and noticed a BAD accident.
An indian guy knocked a Honda City that was filled with 4 girls.
He was ANGRY and furious showing lots of hand signals.
It triggered me....... wat if i was driving up the Cameron.

Just last night, i had a dream, that I was busy packing, worrying that I did not packed enough.

Lesson of the day
During this festive season, DRIVE SAFELY.


Oracle loves Linux said...

Please pay more attention while driving to Cameron..enjoy your trip ;)

mei yi said...

hehe. pray hard for me then.