Saturday, October 06, 2007

Health Fair @ church

It's my first time pricking 3 different fingers and a big need poke in my hand..

1. Blood donation -> yay.!! it's my 10th time donating.. but only 300 ml...
2. Glucose test -> the reading meter was out of batt that the test was being done again
3. Weight issue -> i gained 1kg after checking the scale for blood donation
4. Pulse -> my pulse was rather high. 75??? i thought i have exercised!!??
WE need to be 50 and below if we are athletics
5. Teeth -> gee. got little hole at tooth 46.
6. Blood pressure -> perfect 110/70 :P
7. Blood glucose -> 5.8 -> partly because i didnt' fast before the checkup.. so i think i'm alright since it shoudl be <5.6

And what i got was the stuff from the dentist and some calcium tablets.. and of course, free refreshments..

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