Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Such a relaxing Sunday at Pacific Coffee Gurney Paragon

It's been a long time since I have the time to sit down at a coffee junction on a Sunday, partly due to work commitments. Last Sunday, finally, I took the opportunity to drop by Gurney Paragon to visit Pacific Coffee. I would say this is probably my first time visiting this outlet after so many years!~~ It has always been Coffee bean or Starbucks or other coffee joints.

And, I've not been blogging consistently about the places I've been. So, I would take 2015 as a change to start blogging again :)

Mango and berry Chillino. More of syrup and yogurt, but it's thick and creamy!
Doesn't have real fruits, thus I really prefer Juiceworks. 

Advertise a bit for pacific coffee. Looking at the crowd here, there are less youngsters (they are probably stuck next door at caffe benne , I think) visiting this outlet. See, I've got a nice couch to relax while reading magazines.

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