Monday, January 26, 2015

D.R.I.P Cafe Penang

I have no idea why did the owner came up with such 'chim' name for the shop, but DRIP stands for Diversity Re:boot Installation Project.

It was one of those quiet Saturday mornings that my friends and I dropped by this place, and parking spot isn't that difficult to find.

Did you see that? They serve Haagen Dazs ice cream.

This little tree reminds me of a guy who bought something similar for Christmas exchange present. I never understood why would someone need it. Now, I know. At least it's useful as an ordering tool.

 Mashed potato (RM7.90)

 Mango smoothies and chocolate banana (RM12.90)

 Sandwich Platter (RM20.90) One thing different about this platter is, they serve peanut butter. So, I think customers are supposed to be creative to mix their own creation.

Lemon Yogurt (RM8.50)
Strong in lemon taste.

Rare cheesecake. I could feel Japanese influence :)
The rare cheecake set that comes with the green tea is RM10.90. 

I feel really bad that I can't confirm if the price  is correct as I didn't had the receipt with me :(
I think PG Food hunter has 10%.
Maybe I should visit them again on Saturday nights to listen to live music :)

Address: 43, Gat jalan prangin, Prangin terrace 

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