Friday, January 10, 2014

An afternoon affair at Suffolk House, Penang

It's already 2014 now. 
And, I still have a belated post for December that is yet to be published.
I thought that it was one of the memorable lunch on a good Saturday afternoon, thus, here I am, writing my special 'lunch date' with my friend/sis.

We were at Suffolk house, to celebrate my friend's birthday.
We thought that we probably will not go to such places for lunch, so I made it a point to only go to these special places on a more special occasion, at least,  it would be more memorable dining there.

Since the set lunches are more affordable at RM55++, I decided to pick this place :)

I took the salad as the appetizer.

Complimentary bread

Randomly posed with our food.

The fish and chips

The medium cooked ribeye 

The seafood pasta

Dessert - a cake and ice cream.

And a pic of the 3 of us together. Thanks to the next-table-patron  who volunteered to take a picture for us, after observing us trying hard with the camera's self-timer.

Overall, I like the ambiance of this place. It's quiet (not too many people), easy parking, near-to-home, and service was moderately-fine, food was also good - but not the price.

There was going to be a wedding dinner that night, and I took the opportunity to snap some pretty pics..

And also, not forgetting, Christmas was (then) around the corner....

Hm.... these are the decos/stuff of the wedding couple - oops, i'm sorry, not meant to 'steal' your shots.

And lastly, the first and the last pic I ever took with the Penang state Chief Minister, YAB Mr Lim Guan Eng. If it's not because this place was quite private, I probably will not purposely asked him for a picture...


Wan Ying said...

My friend thought we took photo with YAB at the 3D museum. Thank you for the birthday treat.

Nick said...

the food looks good o :P

meiyi said...

You are welcome WY! Yes, Nick, you can try too :)