Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ninetology U9 Smartphone Designs to Pick! [review]

Last week, I was invited to Pavilion cafe for a food review and at the same time, there were some smartphones by Ninetology U9 for review, namely, U9R1, U9X1, U9Z1, U9Z1+ and Stealth 4X. For a young company (established only in 2012), I'm pretty impressed with the models that they are selling!

Many may not heard of this, but there are not too bad, with reasonable pricing. For price comparisons, refer to the Ninetology U9 Facebook page.

One of the cool features was the in-built flash light app, which came in handy when we were snapping photos of the food. 

I'm glad to receive GSC's advertiser pass (complimentary for 2 pax) by Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd as a gift. There were some lucky bloggers who even received Ninetology Powerbank on that day.
There were no 3D movies available, so I watched Hercules :D

And then, I realized that before the screening of every movie, there is a Ninetology ad by Z-Chen.


Found this on youtube, it's exactly the same one on the cinema screens.

Same like Z-Chen, my personal choice would be Ninetology U9 | X1 model as it has wide angle lens which is really good for selfies, f2.0 apeture for macro shots and not forgetting, super Amoled HD display.

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