Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sydney - Staying there - Post 2

There we were...
To get to Sydney Central, all you need to do is to buy the train tickets from the airport.
It's pretty convenient - just that it's really expensive (i think it was $18) for a 10 min ride :)

When I checked in there, pretty shocking that it was mostly populated by young people, as in... those below 20...................

I never felt so old before... Probably i should opt for YHA or some other cheap hotels :)

We asked for a 4-bedded dorm, but ended up, there was no all-female dorm.
It was shocking when I opened up the door and saw men inside!

Then again, we requested until we got ourselves an all-female dorm.
(pretty an experience especially if we are traveling alone)

It's interesting seeing different room mates every night, all over from different countries, and I was surprised how 'quiet' they were during the night. In fact, it was too quiet that they weren't even back home!

Took this when there were no-one in the dorm :)

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