Monday, May 03, 2010

Austin Chase Coffee

It's been opening quite a while and since there weren't much crowd on a sunday afternoon, I decided to get my friends to try at Austin Chase. Seems like there are quite a few sprouting around malaysia, but somehow, it didn't manage to pull other coffee outlet's crowd.

Since there was a lunch promo and I didn't know what to eat, I decided to just follow what they have on the set menu.

I think it's turkey ham and cheese with some chips.
Very, very light and small serving.

And, chicken ham and cheese with plain bread.
Almost the same stuff...

It was just too plain that I asked a lot of mustard sauce :D
Almond coffee and Mocha ice blended - not too bad except that the ice didn't get blended too well.. At least, the espresso was strong enough that I could't sleep well that night.

It wasn't because the food was finger licking good, but I was just using my hands to eat the sandwiches..
Well , at least i think the staff were friendly, and one of them did try to take some shots for us (which he failed badly :P)

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