Saturday, December 26, 2009

Memorable Christmas Lunch

It was a quiet afternoon and we had a peaceful lunch at SoHo Penang Road.
The mushroom soup tasted as good as TGI Friday's (only Rm4.50)
It was creamy and I could taste the bits and pieces of mushrooms as I slurped my spoon into my mouth.

Spagetti for only RM7.80.

Chicken burger topped with an egg (I love eggs). RM7.80 + Rm1.50
The fries are really fresh and good - better than mcD

Vanilla flan - RM4.50
The picture looked great but the the dessert.
It tasted like normal ordinary pudding with vanilla cream toppings.
The waiter had a not-too-bad photography skills.
IMHO, SoHo Penang serves the best FOOD and most value for MONEY restaurant :)
Most importantly, the staff are really friendly that my friend tipped him RM2.20.


joannechong said...

Nice Sharing...
will try it when free

meiyi said...

u r welcome :)
plz try and let me know if you like it