Sunday, December 06, 2009

Accidental Stay at Paradise Sandy Bay

Someone who was so thoughtful about me called me on a Saturday afternoon asking if I was free.
And, it turned out to be an invitation for a night's stay at Paradise Sandy Bay.
(Thanks .. my good samaritan)

My die-hard 'must-take-a-lot-of-photo' spirit never DIED.
I took my camera and snaped MANY, MANY pictures.

It's christmas... isn't christmas.. till it happens in your heart..
Took someone's room key and snapped.. (smart me :P)
The first time I walked out of the lift, I was surprised that the rooms were suites instead of just 'rooms'.
Photo 1 - patterns
I was amazed with the size of the room....
and I was staying all alone in the room....
It's a not too bad place for a holiday vacation for oustation folks..
(no money for saying this but I just wanna share)
Photo 2 - Perspective
I tried snapping The cove from my balcony at level 7.
My first time setting to MF but I find that the pictures were slightly out of focus and I felt as if I have bad eye sight looking thru the view finder; it's almost impossible to manual focus the rings of the lens.
I took the lift up to 17th floor and the view was way better.
It was windy too..
And I still dont' understand how to avoid the "Stars" for night scenes.
Breafast in the morning.
Overall - I dislike the food from the hotel.
Breakfast, dinner, lunch did not taste good at all.
It's one of the worst buffets I've been.
Its like, I was staying at the buffet line not knowing what to put on my empty plate.
Welcome drink from the lounge - overly sweet which is not suitable for the diabetics.

Photo 3 - patterns again :P

I didn't know there are a lot of angmohs sun tan-ning out by the beach.


Pei said...

the room looks good though...n u r really enjoying ur stay there..;p

meiyi said...

hey... din manage to really enjoy la :D
was only in the room when i needed to sleep...