Saturday, November 22, 2008

RM2 Promotion at Tutti Fruitti, Tesco Extra

All the food in the menu cost RM2.
The drinks, the main course, the desserts.... Everything's RM2 (no tax!).

But, it's only valid for orders before 11.30am.
Surprising, there weren't many patrons around, but I think the Nasi Lemak (with chicken drummet) worth the most.

I wouldn't say that the food taste extremely good, but for a place like this, I think it's worth having a simple breakfast there. At least, it's slightly cheaper than some "kopitiams".
Moreover, the owner was friendly to allow our orders till 12noon (due to some late comers).
And, this place is baby/children friendly.


VFling said...

Tutti Fruitti normal price is freakingly pricey...! I vowed never to step foot onto another tutti fruitti ever...EVER..!!

meiyi said...

lol.... take the RM2 ones la.
yes!! very mahal la.. those normal set ones.. overly pricey.