Thursday, November 13, 2008

QEII: Light Series Europa Party

I was greedy asking for two small little cakes at QEII, Swettenham Pier, since it's the only 'food' we ordered.
How pathetic. 4 of us sharing 2 baby cakes.
Yes, I was being a little 38.
I recycled the candle on both the chocolate and tiramisu.
And I thought very hard for the deepest wish and posed very hard.
See.. I knew I'd look constipated having my unexpected complimentary sambuca.
Aiyo.. Don't HUG me so tight.. I'm scared ok.
and my arms proved it!!
(no more sexy arms - OnlY FAT arms.. )

Live International Band.

I couldn't agree that the performance was great.
She had sexy moves too!
(and I was busy imitating her singing and dancing upstairs)

I finished all the bottles (*yeah right*)
Those are complimentaries for the patrons.
On Dunhill!!

On our way back walking towards the car...
Since I got a little tipsy, I was shocked to receive a complimentary bottle of wine.
The four of us had it for free.
I think the only person that spent a lot is *ahem*..
Thanks char-bohs... for joining the fun together.
Nah. . Come pick your chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.


Pei said...

wow!so fast u finished up the 1 bottle already..

meiyi said...

huh? i never drank the wine.

Simply Simply said...

Happy Belated Birthday To You, Leng Loi

Angeline said...

u went thr without me that nite!!!! :(
so so so sad.