Saturday, November 08, 2008

CGL Food Fair - They Need RM165k

Surprising that they can't raise another RM165k.
Imagine, if each of the parents fork out a little, I don't think they really need that much.

Why can't the parents JUST help out?
OR why can't the school get help from some datuks or business men?
OR get from the government?
Why can't they do stuff like Walkathon?

How depressing.

Honestly, I was quite dissapointed with this 'small scale' food fair.
My RM3 Milo was like sugar water.
And the RM5 macaroni sambal tasted really ... .. erm.. erm.....

But... at least the 'mini concert' was cute. :)

Water Cooler since 1992?


ww said...

gosh i remember they actually "closed" the water cooler ( put tape over it or something like that ) during the cholera outbreak :P

yeah, my auntie went and said there was very little food

my office doing the new block free-of-charge :)

meiyi said...

if they are doing FOC?
why they need Rm165k?

VFling said...

They need another RM165,000.00 coz hey, who is willing to say, 'I have enough money'? Bwaaa..kakaa...!!!

ww said...

architectural services FOC la!

ie. architect's fees waived, NOT
the contractor's fees