Monday, February 04, 2008

Old Town Koptiam - ???

This place has been opened for a few years.
Since it's situated very near to my home, I don't mind going there for a cuppa coffee to meet up with some friends for a chat.

It is supposed to be a franchise and it seems that the service is not getting any better.
I'm kinda dissapointed..

The cup served is cracked.

Worst still, I was only given a stirer and not even a proper tea spoon.

Another horrible thing was an empty toast bread though I ordered kaya butter toast..

What the ????

They gave another one with 2 strips of butter over it.

And.. earlier there as an aunty sitting comfortably at the broken poor quality couch.

It ain't that cheap, but it's not expensive, so I dont' really mind going there, but I think there should be some kind of standard set isn't it?


Karen said...

Got meh near your house? hmm....

mei yi said...

it's at E-GATE la wey