Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My nightmare

Just two nights ago, I had a shocking dream. I dreamt that I had chicken pox (again!!??). I already had chicken pox during my uni days and I had to skipped classes and stayed in my hometown. However, the outbreak was not that bad, as I had some pox surfaced mostly on my body, rather than on my face. *phew*.

But why again? In my dream, it was weird that I was still back in my uni in malacca, and I had to drive to the clinic myself. Funny, the cost was RM80. I was like (?!@!&), so expensive? I had 2 type of creams and 2 bottles for drops which carried the lancome brand. I looked again at the bottles and it showed, "sample bottle".

Coincidently, I infected my room mate and she was like "WWhatttt??!!!", you passed your disease to me??!??
I had to go like, "i'm sorry... i think i have to quarantine myself".
To my surprise, her doctor fees were much cheaper, probably around RM20, and she had only 2 creams to put on.

Then later, i dreamt of following my ex-colleague to a HIGH place, some sort like a hill.
It was for MAKAN. The place was pretty, since the sky was rainy and dark and gloomy, I could see clouds moving and I could feel the clouds all over me surrounding the area. Rather beautiful.

Last night, I forgot to 'remember' my dream.
I shall remember to blog it this time!

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mei yi said...

My colleague's hubby got shingles last friday.. I was right somewhat. Somebody gonna get something similar.