Sunday, May 27, 2007

How to Remove a Dead Cat

It was a boring Saturday afternoon for me as I've got no plans of going out except to church in the evening. So, I spent the whole day lazy-ing around, catching up with old movies that I borrowed. It was sort of movie marathon, but I did not exactly concentrated while watching the movie.

At 4pm, my dad went out leaving me alone at home.

For the whole day I smelled some weird smell but I thought it was just rubbish coming from outside.

At about 5pm, my sister finally came back and she kept honking.

I was like "What?!:@??!"

What's the matter? She has got keys!

My neighbour even walked out of the house and asked what was the matter.

Then I noticed a dead cat lying. (we didn't see it as it was underneath my dad's car).

Gee.. She persistently honking trying to wake up the dead cat.

I told her, it's dead. NO point!

We waited for mom to be back. I do not know how to dispose it.

It's something I learnt.

1. Cover the dead cat with lots ofnewspaper.

2. Wrap it

3. Dump it into many plastic bags


Audrey said...

Yerrrr why u go and snap the Dead geli!

mei yi said...

wat to do ah!!