Monday, July 20, 2015

Kanemochi - The first mochi ice cream dessert in Penang!

Interesting to know Kanemochi Malaysia opens its door in Penang. I'm a fan of Japanese mochis, Taiwan Mochis and even our local muar chee.  Kanemochi is a popular mochi ice cream from Thailand (found out that there is a branch in Bugis Singapore too), and it had many flavours available to mix and match.

I visited during the opening launch (ok, it's a super belated post), and there was a promotion of buy 2 free 1 (I think). Each Mochi was ~RM3.70  (I think, again). Bought some home, and i was given a nice box and dry ice to maintain its freshness. It was still fresh to consume after a few days, but after a longer period, the mochi would not taste as good anymore.

* spot the spelling error *.. hehe ..
some flavours that I remembered, strawberry, green tea

Since it was the opening day, the sets and other items from the menu was not available. I hope to visit the store again soon :)

Address: 269, Beach Street, Penang
Opening hours: 10am-10.30pm

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