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Bangkok 2015 :)

It's another trip to Bangkok and I still find that this place is fun to visit again!
I have yet to blog about my trip back in 2014 and now again, I need to post for 2015 trip instead :)

Just want to share the places I went.

Day 1: Sukhumvit, Nana area for dinner/supper/drinks.

Since it was an evening flight, when i reached BKK, it was just in time for dinner/supper/drinks. I had boat noodles at the stalls along the main Sukhumvit road outside Soi Cowboy, followed by roadside food/drinks like bbq pork, fruit juices, fruits and Holly's coffee! :)

Visited a pub called Bangkok beat, alight from Nana BTS, they are really cheap drinks/promos during weekday. Beers were like 75B.

Day 2: Jim Thompson, MBK, Chinatown, Wat Pho/Wat Arun/Grand palace area, Khaosan Road.

Wanted to visit the Jim Thompson museum the last trip, but again, was too lazy. This time, I manage to get there and it's pretty simple to get there. Just alight from National Stadium BTS. There is a tuk tuk to fetch u from the BTS stop.

MBK is walking distance from the National Stadium BTS. Walked over through Tokyu dept store.
Had lunch at MBK food court. Did manicure there too! It was only 250B for the nail art so it's worth getting the nails done within 30 mins.

Took a taxi over from Siam Centre area to Chinatown. I had a long stretch of walk from one end of Yaowara road to the other end. 

Chinatown - indeed a food haven in Bangkok.

The walking trail didn't ended, as I was crazy enough to continue my walk to the grand palace area. Moral of the story: Take a taxi to Wat Pho instead.

Due to the weather and since there weren't much time to walk around, so most of the time, we kept walking without stopping by. I just got to know that the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phrakaew) are barricaded by walls. Same goes to Wat Pho (sleeping buddha). Honest speaking, despite the fact that I'm not a Buddhist, I find that the design/architecture of the building is truly amazing.

Somewhat I managed to capture some interesting views along the way.

Finally find a nice bench to sit and rest.

 To get to Wat Arun (temple of the dawn), we need to take a boat ride over (I think it's 3B per trip). Wat Arun was under renovation. So I didn't get a good picture of the place.

Back to the busy tourist area. 

Not very clear sight of the Grand palace from the field. But i'm amazed how pretty it can be from the field. (did some running there too..)

My walking trail continues to Khaosan road for dinner and sight seeing.

Khaosan road, again, is filled with tourists. Many foodstalls. Many bars. Many souvenir stalls. Many stalls selling clothes too. I didn't get anything yet on my 2nd day, as I was still awaiting for my trip to Platinum, Central world and JJ market!!!

 The paad thai is not very nice ler. The roadside stall that sells outside the hotel taste way better.

Day 3: Shopping time:  Platinum/Central World/Emquartier

Shopped till tired at Platinum. Visited Novotel :)

A typical lunch at Fuji restaurant.

 There was a Yukata photoshooting organized by Isetan and Canon at Central World.
Had a free photoshoot wearing the Yukata. :)

We can get to Central world via Siam/Chidlom BTS.

EMquartier IMAX. Oh i love super heroes.
To get there, drop off at Phrom Pong BTS. It's opposite Emporium Dept Store.

The state-of-art helix garden. Impressive right?
I did not need to use the escalator while walking along the restaurants that was built like a spiral.

After a tiring walk for two days, it's good to get our legs some rest and massage!

Went to a massage center around Sukhumvit area for 250B. Most of the time, i give only 20B for tips. :)

Day 4: Siam Paragon/Siam Center/Siam discovery(under renovation)/Central world/Big C/Central dept store

 It's always busy. Traffic jam most of the time.

Muhammad Ali

I have never failed to take pretty pics of with the fishes and the wax figurines at Siam Paragon.

At the Erawan Shrine, there is the famous 4-faced buddha. Many would pray and if their prayers are granted, they would return and you'd probably see a group of dancers behind the devotee.

Not forgetting, i did some snack shopping at Big C (there are also some cheap clothes) 

Day 5: Chatuchak (JJ Market)/Terminal 21

Took the MRT and stopped at Kamphaeng Phet MRT, directly outside the weekend market.
Literally shopped from morning till 6pm, where the national anthem was played. All stood still.

coconut ice cream not to be missed.

It was a tiring day. Stopped by Terminal 21 for dinner. It's an interesting mall, every floor has different country theme, like Japan, San francisco, London and etc, just like you are at the airport. Every floor's toilet has a different theme too. Worth the visit, but not for shopping.

Day 6: Rest/Free and Easy

It was the last day before going back home. Totally sat and rested at a nearby cafe and had a little window shopping at Emporium before I say bye-bye to Bangkok :)


Seok Lee said…
Nice trip we had. Let's do it again next year! :)

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